Cheryl Houk


Cheryl Houk has worked for over two decades in the drug and alcohol recovery field. During that time she became a well established motivational speaker at conferences and workshops. Ms. Houk serves others by showing them how they too can lift themselves up and change their lives.

Life is an adventure and Ms. Houk has experienced her share of twists, turns, ups, and downs. She chose to focus on finding a better life and began a quest to gain the insights, tools, and abilities necessary to skillfully navigate the challenging decisions, situations, and circumstances that everyday life presents.

Motivator and Speaker
She is excited and honored to share what she learned with others through her very first book, What Are You Thinking? As both a speaker and writer, she has motivated people from all backgrounds to live their lives in more rewarding ways by teaching them how to successfully manage their thoughts.

Cheryl Houk's book is about how to actually monitor and responsibly select your thoughts and also speaks in great detail about how to develop trust and faith in the life force. Ms. Houk writes from her own experiences about life, the mind, the power of thoughts, the soul, and fulfilling a life purpose. Her purpose is to help others create a more balanced life by teaching people how to align their mental, spiritual, and physical self with their very own divine purpose. She truly believes in the power of present moment thinking and that it is never too late to change the way you think.

 Ms. Houk now devotes her life to taking others on a journey through their mind, thoughts, and spirit to peaceful places of magnificent beauty and a life of substance and meaning through her writings and presentations.